November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Today I ran for Logan, our son, who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 6 years ago. As a family we took T1D head-on and moved forward with diligence, never looking back. In this time Logan has never refused a shot or poke. He has embraced it completely and rarely if ever, has complained. Though as he gets older and becomes more aware, he is faced with moments of wanting to eat whenever he wants or more specifically, wanting a cure, who could blame him.

Last night he woke up in the middle of the night. He was a little disoriented and emotional, both signs that his blood sugar is probably high. I am lucky that my husband is both willing and able to take care of the majority of our night-time checks. Unlike me, he is able to fall back asleep more easily, for which I am grateful. Once I’m awake I’m up for good. I guess you could say I have the day shift and he has the night shift. Not everyone is this lucky, I can’t tell you how many times we talk about the importance of both of us being involved, and find ourselves shaking our heads trying to figure out how single parents do this by themselves.

While I lay there listening to their sleepy conversation,  I hear the click of the poker, once, twice and then I hear the tears. Logan is crying, he’s tired, he just wants to go back to sleep and the poker is not working.  In this moment I am wide awake and my heart feels like it’s being squeezed ever so tightly. I really want a cure.

This feeling does not fade, it is forever imprinted on my heart, layering many other moments like this one. They will carry me through a short and sweet run of 3 miles this morning. My IT band is crabby, my heart is heavy and I’ve had too many Butterfinger chasers this Halloween, but I am motivated, and honestly a little ticked off that Logan and so many other children, like my niece, Reagan have to endure this 24/7.

So today I ran for them and for all of the T1D mom’s out there who often times run on empty, run on adrenaline, coffee,  and sometimes run on sheer love to get them through the day. I’ve met a lot of wonderful D-Mom’s, every one of them as unique as their children. A special thank you to Vadrian, a D-Mom that is always there when I want to share.
Today we raise awareness for T1D, we raise funds for research and we raise our spirits knowing that we are strong, and our children are brave. If you would like to learn more about T1D please visit our family blog at

and also these websites:




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