James Dean

I think the first thing I said when we hit the trail this morning was “I hate this place“, which is so not true, but cold, windy weather and grey skies easily influence me. Tony, surprised by my comment, said, “Well…why don’t you tell me how you really feel“. I bit my tongue, but not for long.

I don’t know what my problem was this morning. It might have been the lingering effects of the cheeseburger and fries I thoroughly enjoyed last night or that I was missing the comfort of home that using the trainer gave me yesterday. Whatever it was I needed to shake it off.

I explained to Tony that I needed to keep going, today’s run was for James Dean and Lyn, and Lyn is Army tough, I gotta get my Army on. We both laughed, though probably for different reasons. I come from a military family, Navy and Army. Heck I was born on a Naval base. But despite the family tradition and the cold grey skies, we both knew I had to dig a little deeper. I needed some mental toughness and Lyn was the perfect person for me to think of today.

It’s cold, I whine, and then I tell myself, “Suck it up sister” and get moving, laughing, wishing Lyn was there to run with me…though maybe not, because I know she would kick my butt.

Diabetes Awareness Month is coming to an end. I trust that we won’t lose your attention and that together we will continue to raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. With that in mind I wanted to devote the rest of my November miles to D-mom’s and their children.

Just like our children, we are all different. We have all taken on T1D in our own unique ways, but we will always be in this together. We are D-Moms, united and strong… sometimes tired and fragile, but we always, always, move on.

As a D-mom, Lyn brought a whole new perspective to my D-world. Like me, she is a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend. Unlike me, she is also Major Lyn Rogers, an Iraq War Veteran. She served in Baghdad, Iraq from December 2009 to December 2010; under two different campaigns: Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation New Dawn. She is an Army Finance Officer. She was commissioned via UW-Oshkosh ROTC back in May of 1989. She has served in the Army Reserve and Active Duty for over 23 years. She has held many Army chemical officer positions, staff positions, and finance/comptroller positions. She is currently on active duty at Fort Sheridan, IL serving as a Brigade Budget officer at 3rd Brigade 75th Division.

She is  the mother of James Dean and Joshua, two of the cutest twins you’ll ever set eyes on. James Dean was diagnosed with T1D in June of 2002. He is now a thriving 8 year old and in 3rd grade. From here I will share with you what Lyn had to say about James Dean – “He is a great kid. He is so mature and does not let Diabetes affect him. He is a super great baseball player, likes to Catch and play First Base. James does real well in school and has been bumped up to an accelerated classroom at his Montessori School this year. He loves to play outside with his brother and neighborhood friends!” (James Dean, Lyn and Joshua enjoying the sandy shores and backin’ the Pack!).

Like so many other children burdened with T1D, James shines on and doesn’t let T1D stop him. He is surrounded by a wonderful family that continues to support him and offer him all of the opportunities he desires. As Lyn had mentioned in our conversation, they are a non-traditional military family, meaning that the mom goes off to war, and the dad needs to step up on the home front. Her husband, James, for whom she is so thankful for, continues to be there for her, James Dean and Joshua during her deployment and now while she is on Active Duty and out-of-state. She steps up. He steps up. They are a team.

So today, when I couldn’t get myself motivated, I thought of Lyn and how she remains strong and committed to her family and her Military career. I thought of the times she has been away from her family, knowing and trusting that all was good and everyone was thriving while she was away. I thought of her running in full gear, no options to stop, forging ahead and facing whatever came her way.

What an honor it is to share her story, to celebrate her, her family and the life they live. James Dean (and Joshua), you are on your way to do great things, thank you for being a part of the T1D community and for not letting T1D stop you, we look forward to hearing from you again soon!

For all that we face, for all that we fear, hold on a little longer, dig a little deeper, trust that you can and that you will, succeed.

“Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.” – Gen. Patton

In honor of James Dean’s love for sports please check out the links below where you will earn more about athletes with Type 1 Diabetes. What great role models!


Please support our own Team Type 1 as they continue to inspire-



2 thoughts on “James Dean

  1. Inspirational. Thanks! No rain, sleet, or snow should keep us from getting out there right? 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading! So true, there is nothing that should stop us from getting out there, sometimes we just have to get out of our own way 😉

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