Celebrating my 1 yr “Runiversary”

DSCN2031If you have also been following me on FB, thank you btw, you’ll know that I have been talking about having more fun this year. On the 13th of every month M4M will be giving something away. I love to give things away, I would have had so much fun handing out gifts on Oprah’s “My favorite things” show, guess I missed my calling. Wait maybe I still have time, doesn’t Ellen have elves? Now that would be fun. But back to me, don’t get too exited, I surely don’t have their budgets, but I do share their love for giving gifts 😉

Because February is a bit more special, as it is the month of love, kindness,  warm and fuzzy thoughts…at least I hope it is. It’s also my 1 year runiversary, so I’m sharing a little bit more love this month.
First up, I love these bistro mugs! To be entered into the drawing, make sure you’ve liked our FB page and then in the comment line share with us one of your hearts desires. It can be anything, running an event every month, learning to knit, going to Italy…having one full day to yourself. Whatever it is just aim with your heart!



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