Alien fighter or Conehead?

st baldricks

On March 16th I will be joining in the St. Baldrick’s fundraising event and shaving my head. Let me say that again. Shaving my head. Not sure who I’m trying to convince, me or you.

I’m committed, I’m fundraising and here are my top 5 reasons why:

1. Jack Bartosz (10/4/01-8/27/12) and Gracie Joles (2/3/2003-9/21/11). They, above all else, are the only reason I need.


Gracie2. I believe we are all connected. These are not someone else’s children, these are our children. These are our nieces, our nephews, our cousins, our children’s friends- they are our future.

3. Worldwide, a child is diagnosed every 3 minutes (St. Baldrick’s Foundation). It takes less than three minutes to share this post, to support and donate.

4. Care more, do more.

5. Whether or not you believe that you can make a difference, I believe you can.

So join me on March 16th, donate, be brave,  be bald, find an event nearest you.

Everything matters and everything is appreciated- your good thoughts, your support, your generous spirits, your donations…your hats 🙂

In the spirit of both Jack and Gracie, two beautiful children that lit up a room and set our hearts ablaze, keep their fire burning. Whatever your fight is, whatever cause you support, shine on in their honor.

Before you go green on the 17th, please consider wearing orange, Jack’s favorite color, or turquoise, Gracie’s favorite color on March 16th. Send us your photo and we’ll post them here. Go ahead,  run, ride or walk a mile, how about 10? Whatever the distance,  run with joy and share their stories.

In the ten minutes it takes you to read this three children will have been diagnosed, please take the next three minutes to support the fight against childhood cancer.

The link to my donation page (Denise Dollar):

Just for fun, my ‘before’ shot. Now, I’m hoping that with the luck o’ the Irish and a nod from my Irish ancestors that I’ll look more like bad-ass alien fighter Sigourney Weaver, but knowing my ancestors and the jokers that they are, I’ll probably look more like Jane Curtain and the bad-ass Conehead that she was.  Brave the Shave.missing Stacy!120612042259-shaved-head-sigourney-weaver-vertical-gallery


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