D-Mom Magic. Never, never, give up.

photo(97)The journey that one takes while preparing for anything brings so much to the surface. “Stuff” comes up … and it’s just right there, front and center. Sometimes there is just no way around it, just through it.

As you can tell from my previous posts I was really struggling with some things, my training, my schedule, my life, my goals, my desires…they weren’t syncing up and I felt like it was starting to unravel a little bit. I was getting frustrated with myself.

What I should have done was had some Nighty-Night tea (my fave, wink-wink Traditional Medicinals) and gone to bed early, but instead I stayed up late, tried to hash it out, and make a plan to get back on track. It didn’t work. I didn’t have a plan in the morning, I was tired and still hashing it out with coffee in hand.

I don’t like to do anything half-assed and if I say I’m going to do something I do it, well maybe that wasn’t true in my 20’s, but I’m making up for it now.

Sometimes I need a hug, sometimes I need to just ‘suck it up” but I was kind of in the middle so I didn’t know what to do for myself. (If you ever find yourself around me during one of these moments, offer me something sweet to eat, that usually helps).

I decided to shift my mental attitude and let it all go – the worry, the fear, the expectations, and thought….bring it.

And it came.

Beautiful, unexpected messages from friends, sharing their excitement, inspiration and encouragement for the ride. Donations. Generous donations from friends, family and people I’ve never met. Presents. Jewelry filled with magic  that only a D-Mom might recognize and it came all the way from Canada…I know all that way.

So it has been an amazing day and I loved that somehow Canada was a part of it. I’ve always had a soft spot for Canada. I spent many days up in Sault Ste. Marie visiting my great-grandmother, Momma Connie, who lived to be 103. The last time I saw her my grandma, Nona, was trying to find her at the Casino. Upon our arrival, we had strict instructions to only give Momma Connie one roll of nickels and not to let her out of our sight. If you knew Momma Connie, you know that it was tougher than it sounds. She might have been small, but geez, there was no way that I was going to be the one to tell her that she had to sit in the lobby when her nickels were done. No, I was the one that gave her my roll of nickels and prayed that she wouldn’t tell Nona.

She rarely spoke English, mostly Italian, shifting back and forth. I couldn’t understand either. I still remember being in her kitchen with pasta hanging all over the place. Her food was so delicious, talk about carbo-loading.

When I was in my 20’s I had sent her a letter asking if she could send me the recipe for her spaghetti sauce. She was furious. I can hear her now, yelling in Italian waving her wooden spoon around, sauce flying through the air, wiping her hands on her apron. How dare I. If I wanted the recipe then I would have to come and cook with her. Silly me. And stupid me. I thought I would have forever with her and she passed away years later before I could get up there to cook with her. Note to self: spend more time with family or at least make sure I have copies of their recipes.

Well, sorry about that, talk about sidetracked, but I think Momma Connie wanted some air time. She’s a feisty one and I think I’ll be writing more about her in the future. Momma Connie and Canada go hand-in-hand.

So many great things happening in Canada, like We Shall Have Pie, and a new magazine called D-Girl Power, D power mag Emmamade by a very special girl, Emma, a D-Girl herself. I won’t be able to do her justice so I’d like to encourage you to visit her mom’s blog   to get the details and read about Emma’s mission to unite D-Girls and celebrate their awesomeness. I’d say she is well on her way to raising the bar in the ‘awesome’ category.

Getting back to her mom, Amy. My sister-in-law had connected us, I had noticed her name on different Facebook posts and it seemed so familiar. I was not surprised then to find out that she was originally from Wisconsin, a state where I had lived for about half my life. After exchanging a few messages we were chatting it up like old friends, though I have a feeling she has that connection with everyone she talks to ;).

photo(99)She is the one that made these beautiful pieces  for my upcoming JDRF Ride in LaCrosse, WI. Aren’t they wonderful? and I’m telling you there is some magic in them. That same magic is being passed onto her daughter, Emma, and they are rockin’ the D-World.

So grab a cup of tea, not Nighty-Night because you’ll want to stay awake for this, and go over there and see what these two are up to. They have been busy. Did I mention that Amy started a petition to have Mattel design a D-Barbie I told you, these two are busy up there in Canada. (pssst, you can find them on FB).

You can order a copy of  Emma’s new magazine, by contacting Amy at sky0138@yahoo.com  A portion of the proceeds will go to the JDRF to help raise money for research and ultimately a cure. The other portion goes for supplies, no profit, all heart.D power mag Emma Aug issue

These ladies are raising the bar, making us laugh and keeping it real. The D-world can get exhausting at times and I am grateful to have these two out there keeping it interesting.

There is something special about all of the D-Mom’s I have met, a lot of magic happens when they get together and support each other.

I can’t sign off without giving a special shout out to all of my friends from high school, talk about magic. I am so lucky to be in touch with so many of them and they have been so amazing this last year. Supporting, donating, cheering me on, I am one lucky lady. So cheers to Lakeland Union High School, Minocqua, WI, home of the Thunderbirds, thank you!



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