But. I kept going.


As my good friend Heather says, “Swim in it“. So I am. Which means it’s taking me a little longer to write my post about the JDRF Ride. What I can tell you is that there was so much magic happening that my heart is still trying to make room for it all.

Shortly after crossing the finish line a friend sent me a text, “Congratulations! So happy for you! What next?“. Not surprised because I had  asked myself that same question as I was running through the Minneapolis airport trying to make my connecting flight.

I’m  not sure what’s next but it has been on my mind. A lot. I wasn’t quite sure how to look forward, so I decided to look back and take inventory.

This year has been my year to ‘dream big’, and stretch a little further. I feel like I have, and every time I do, I just want to keep going.

230786_10200309071553906_1759249084_nIt all started with a 1/2 Marathon in January with the JDRF Team, 5322_10200787224867440_1444487142_n(1)then shaving my head for pediatric cancer in March, another 1/2 in May310240_10201137961795644_41852330_n…and then 100 miles in Aug.

Last day in WI 2011Along the way I’ve also lost 55 lbs and gained experiences that I could have never imagined.

Every time I commit to something it changes my life and connects me with people that make me want to do more, to be a better person and live beyond the width of this precious life I have been given.

Seems so easy. Be grateful, do more, be confident, do more.

But you see I have not always been this person. Not really.

At times I have been lost, unsure, misguided…redirected. Afraid. Convinced that I am “not that person who runs 13.1 miles, not that person who stands their ground and advocates for others much less her self, and definitely not that person who rides 100 miles on her bike“. Completely and utterly convinced that I was not that person.

But surprise! I am that person.

I don’t know what I was waiting for or what made me so afraid to be that person but I am glad that I kept going.

Here I am today. My heart so full that it feels as if it will burst. Finding joy in the most unexpected places. Following an unknown path. Trusting my gut. Always wondering what’s next.

Misguided, sure, redirected, thankfully so.

I’m not perfect and I don’t have all of the answers.

But. I keep going.

jdrf 164This is what a JDRF Ride will do to you.

If you let it.

It will take you back and bring you forward, it will remind you of who you are and what you are made of.

If you let it.

It will crack you wide open, stretch your heart, push your body and make you cry and then laugh as you curse and celebrate the ground below you.

If you let it.

So keep moving.

Be fearless.

Let go.



Open your heart.

Look silly.

Help a stranger.

Advocate for those you love.

Be kind.

Keep moving.

And give more…it changes everything.

Especially you.


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