6.38 miles, only 1,007.04 to go.

heart to heart boulder to woodlands

I’m stuck in ‘pause’ with a few projects right now, all moving forward, just waiting on a few things. In the mean time I’ve been feeling antsy, shocker I know, but I don’t have any events on my calendar and I want a goal, I need a number and something low budget.

I realized that since I have started running and riding that if I have a number in mind it helps me focus. If I need to go 13.1 miles. I will. 100. I will. If I say I’m going to ride on my trainer for 5 hours, I will. Good or bad. I do it. The in between part gets a little messy sometimes, my schedule gets off and I can’t always do group things, but I am always committed to the goal.

After getting back from the JDRF Ride I had quite a few comments, similar to those after I did my first 1/2, that got me thinking. Things like, “I could never run…“, “I’m not a runner…“, “I could never ride my bike that far…“. “I’m too old…“.

Wait, I’m the same age as you are…where is Diana Nyad when I need her, oh yeah, celebrating her 110 mile swim at the age of 64. Too old, please.

never say neverAnd you know what? I’m pretty sure that I said those same exact things at one time. Even now when I look at someone doing a marathon or a triathlon I say, “I could never do that…“. Somehow I got over that “I could never…” hump and I’m at that point where never say never.

I started thinking about all of this , wondering what it is that stops us from moving forward, is it the cost? the time? confidence? depressed? bored? scared?

I went ahead and searched for the most common denominator, what is it that most of us can do during our busy schedules? I think it’s walking.  Then I realized that walking is really what got me started, if you recall, I walked with Leslie Sansone in my basement for months before venturing out on to the trails of Boulder.

Walking for me brings me back to center, it helps me be in the moment. I admit that these days I struggle with walking as I just want to start running because it’s faster, not always because I like to do it more, but because it’s faster. I know, walking isn’t for everyone, but for those that aren’t doing anything, walking is a good place to start, don’t you think?

So this morning I headed out for a walk and realized that I’ve missed it. I have missed how it brings me back to center, not always, but most of the time. With running I’m always thinking about my form, how far, how fast…it’s a bit trickier for me to clear my head, maybe that day will come for me but for now it doesn’t.

I also enjoy walking with my friends, easier for me to talk and catch up with them, I’m not good at running and talking while gasping for air. It’s one thing or the other, run or talk, not both. Of course I wish everyone had a bike and a desire to ride one. I love riding. It’s exhilarating in a whole new way.

On my walk today I made a commitment to start walking more, and then I thought “I need a number, a goal” and Pam King popped into my head. She’s Anna King’s mom and I just adore her, there have been many days that I have wanted to just walk over to her house and catch up, or watch Parenthood with her and laugh until we cried. I’d also like to get Anna to take pity on me and give me a golf lesson sometime, and stay long enough that I can get a run in with her aunt, Carrie. So, it makes sense. Walk to The Woodlands, but here in Boulder, at least for now.

When I lived in Wisconsin I would often times find myself walking the shaded paths of Holy Hill, or seeking out local labyrinths to help me clear my mind and send good intentions to others. Even though sometimes I get frustrated with walking, it’s really good practice for me, one that I have been missing and didn’t realize it until this morning.

So I’ve decided to make Boulder my labyrinth, to walk the next 1,013.42 miles for the King Family (the distance from Boulder, CO to The Woodlands, TX, according to mapquest ;)).

I’ll use this time to clear my mind and send good vibes to those that may need them that day. Who knows where these miles will take me, I’m looking forward to them as I continue to train and ride for upcoming events. I do have a 1/2 penciled in for 2014, right Leah and Debbie?, a  JDRF ride and a few other things in the works.

Walking will be a good buffer for me and it’s also a good way to get rid of some of these extra pounds. The doc said I still have 20 more pounds to go, and walking (in between running and riding) has always been great for slimming my hips.

So what do you think?

How far is it from where you live to The Woodlands, TX?

Why don’t you join me?

I have a few people in mind, and I’m hoping they  will read this and join me.

Just to pick some random spots, wink-wink-

Green Bay, WI to The Woodlands is 1,284.45

Iola, WI to The Woodlands is 1,327.02

Milwaukee, WI to The Woodlands, is 1,168.76

and one more, Indianapolis, IN to The Woodlands is 1,010.38.

Maybe there are some walkers up in Marquette, MI that want to join me, that would be lovely.

Let me know if you are interested and we’ll do these miles together. If you’re further away from Texas than I am, when I’m done with my miles, I’ll join you on the remainder of yours.

It has to be one of the easiest ways to get started, no? No pressure, just get out there and walk, your pace, your schedule. I’m guessing it won’t be that expensive either, you can map your route online and tally your miles without any fancy gadgets and I’m hoping that most of us have a decent pair of shoes for walking to get started. I promise that if you set this goal and start walking, the next thing you’ll be saying is “I want to do a 5k, or a 10k or a 1/2 Marathon, or ride a 100 miles.”. I can’t wait.

If you decide to walk to The Woodlands with me and you end up getting the bug to start running or riding, I would love to join you, just let me know where and when and I’ll figure out how to get there, but first I need to get my 1,013.42 done.

Better yet, why don’t we all meet in The Woodlands and have our own 5K to help raise awareness for organ donation and hang out with the King Family, rumor has it they are pretty great.

I hope you will join me…I’d love to have you on this journey. I’m also hoping that along the way you feel grounded and inspired and that  we continue to support The King Family and send good intentions, vibes and prayers to the people in our lives that may need them.

6.38 miles done. 1,0007.04 to go. Piece of cake. Wait, I’ll have to add more miles for that.



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