Nanowrimo, WDD, 2014


Wow, it is dusty in here! It has been awhile since I have posted and my apologies to those that follow both of my blogs, you’ll find a partial repeat here about World Diabetes Day.

In short, my husband asked (told) me to do Nanowrimo with him this year. I’ve cheered him on since 2010,  and  I was pretty sure that the last thing I wanted was  for the both of us to be yelling around the house, “Just a minute, I’m writing“.  For those of you that have done it, you know what it’s like by the end of November and I wasn’t sure that we would both survive, and what about our poor kids?  I didn’t think I was up for the official challenge but he wouldn’t let me squirm out of it.  So here I am off the grid, writing, editing and writing some more, and he was right, it has been an amazing process.

I’m planning on staying off of the grid as much as possible, I’m still here but I don’t plan on posting any time soon so thanks for sticking around. In the meantime here is a post about World Diabetes Day.

Thank you for a fantastic year, I trust that you are all running, walking, riding and pushing yourselves to new limits before 2014 breaks wide open, more importantly I trust that you are wrapping things up, honoring all that you have done and being good to yourselves.

Speaking of which, I’ve been walking, because as most of you know I am on my way to The Woodlands. It’s not as much as I would like, surprisingly I have found my writing to have sucked me in whole, not wanting to come up for air, and truth be told I have found a renewed love for peppermint patties, so my rider’s butt is slowly morphing into a writer’s butt,  at least a writer that doesn’t exercise more than her fingers. So I have to get back on track but it’s all good.

Until then, keep your hearts open, good things are on their way. Always.


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