Moving forward. With your help.


heart on top l final 2 two shoes one missionI’ve been a bit MIA these past few months so I appreciate you holding a space for me while I figured it out.

I have been really struggling with not being a part of my regular fundraising and advocacy efforts. I didn’t have anything on my calendar and wasn’t training regularly, which led me into some sloth like days.

When I first started this blog I was inspired by you and motivated to honor others through my training and race events. I knew that I wanted to help others in their advocacy efforts, doing what I could, wherever I was needed.

Over the past year I took a deeper look at what I really wanted to do, trying to shove that ego aside and find a place that I could offer some help. I’m actually surprised that I just didn’t pack it up and stop searching, I can be impatient that way.

For some reason though, I kept brainstorming, tweaking and putting ‘it’ out there. Ideas formed, some of them on the cusp of being launched, shifting from casual to formal, but nothing felt quite right.

I let it go, or thought I did and in the meantime I made lists of what I felt passionate about, what I understood, what I could relate to. It always came back to Moms. More specifically Moms that advocated for their children, navigated the waters of medical environments, and strived to find balance.

I started to realize that most shared a common thread, family first. Which is true for most Moms, if not all Moms, but I also noticed that a lot of these Moms, not only are they strong and determined, they were also tired and in most cases not putting their own health at the top of the list. Myself included as you may recall from my earlier posts.

Moms, health, transitions, and children. That was my list. Not in any particular order.

I started to brainstorm a little more, asking myself what helping that population looks like. A trainer? nutritionist? therapist? All worthy and important parts of a healthy lifestyle but nothing clicked. I didn’t want to go back to school and my business skills were feeling a bit rusty.

I scoured books and articles about how to reinvent yourself, start up a business, live your dreams, live a life with purpose, so many that my head hurt.

I let it go again, circled some ideas that were great but never felt like the right timing, always hesitating. I thought about the Moms close to me, some of them struggling with putting their health first, trying to make healthier choices, some frustrated with the cost of a new bike, entry fees, gym memberships and shoes.  Frustrated with the cost of insurance, medical supplies, the cost of resources that supported their children. I got it.

In one last attempt I just threw it out there, letting whoever was listening know that I wanted to be of help to others, something simple, something empowering, something that would unite people. My mantra had become “Life is good, don’t make it hard”.

Then a couple of nights ago I was standing at the counter doing dishes and the words “Health Strides” popped into my head..then a chain of thoughts, “…Moms, keep them moving, Moms with special needs children…a gift for the Moms, just for them, not to be shared, keep it simple, what do Moms need to get moving?” Then it hit me. “Running Shoes”.

The next 24 hours would be filled with creative outpouring, it came on fast, luckily my dear friend Deanne, along with my family, were up for the ride. Hours filled with brainstorming, questioning, doubting, tweaking, messaging back and forth…it had me up late and unable to sleep. It was all good. It felt right. Even so, when it came time to post, to share, to ask once again for support I was nervous. Now to take that leap.

In the end it just made perfect sense to me. I love running on the behalf of others. I love advocating for all causes. But what really makes my heart sing is knowing that other Moms would have the opportunity to do it for themselves.

I will always run, walk and ride for T1D, and for you.

But now, now I want to lace up with you.

 My credentials you might ask?

Motherhood, passion and a little bit of guts.


Please follow this link to find out more about Heart Strides and how you can help, thank you!





1 thought on “Moving forward. With your help.

  1. Reblogged this on Life as my witness and commented:
    Alright folks, here is a cause we should all get behind. Support Moms. Support Healing. Support Running. Support running for healing Moms!

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