“Her Shoes. Her Words. Her Heart.” – Heart Strides photo series.

emily shoes

Hey there, short and sweet.

We have started a series titled,  “Her Shoes. Her Words. Her Heart.”

Mom’s have submitted photos of their own shoes  with a few thoughts about their

 own challenges, victories and their efforts to live a healthier lifestyle.

These Moms are on the front lines. They are the first to offer help and the last to ask for it. They are Moms to funny, caring, brave, sensitive, determined, wonderful children who face critical illness and/or special needs.

They are children first, illness, diagnosis second. They are children sharing their gifts with the world; never deterred, inspired at a young age to take life by the horns, while reminding others to do the same.

These are strong, passionate, incredible women. They are your neighbors, your friends, your family.

Kicking off the series is E.C. (above), followed by K.D. and then a photo of my own mothers shoes being held by my children. I wanted to take a minute to honor her as she is the grandmother of four wonderful children, two of them having Type 1 Diabetes. I have inherited her mantra, “Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out.”,  and our children always think of her when they hear “I love you to the moon and back”, it was only natural to include them with her photo.

Find us on FB and follow our series, there is more to come.

We are always grateful for the share and the like. Thank you!


Kari shoes



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