#12 the beautiful and brave D.Z. and her sidekick Tess.

Deanne shoes


I know these shoes, those paws. I know how some days are harder than others for her to lace up and get out there, but I also know that those paws will never let her down.

I have known D.Z. for over 20 years and she never gives up. She has had some tough moments, faced with some hard decisions, but she keeps moving forward. I am so happy to honor her in this way, she has been a source of encouragement and support so many times before, that I can’t imagine taking on a new venture without her there reassuring me that it can be done.

One thing D.Z. and I know, and which so many of you can relate to, is that no one ever knows what’s coming down the pipes. Things happen, little things, big things. That people come in and out of our lives for many reasons, and that good or bad, hard or easy, you must always move forward.

So today, of course I would love for you to support Heart Strides, but even more than that I hope you have connected with a friend, or feel inspired to do so after you read this post. You know what friend I’m talking about, someone that knows you, someone that you’ve laughed with, cried with, cheered for, nagged at…all that good stuff. Connect with that friend who would drive hours with her family, to cheer you on as you cry, scream, laugh and pedal your way through 100 miles to find a cure for your son. (I was lucky in so many ways, I had quite a few special friends that cheered me across that finish line that day, I will never forget it).

So find that friend, be that friend. Life goes too quickly and is way too short, we all know that, its remembering it that gets tricky.

Go out there and just pack it full of the good stuff to get you through the tough stuff.




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