So simple. Yet some days so hard.

IMG_4065Only You Can Make This Happen.Heart Strides.

I had a long list of doubts and persuasions all ready to go to support my desire to ditch my miles.


its never just about my miles.

Whether it is a mile, a block or just lacing up there are things attached to them, like-




I’m not a runner.

I don’t have a runner’s body.

I’m tired.


I have things to do.

Taking time for granted.

Then there is the flip side, if I can get there, the good stuff, like-






I have a body, and it can run.

I have a body, and it can move.

Appreciating the time I have.

This is the thing I have to do.

In the end, I can have a list of excuses a mile long but I know that I am the only one that can make my feet go.  It can be a hard hump to get over, but when I do, the rewards are worth every second of that struggle. Just keep moving.


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