Corazon: Heart.

corazon award certificate


Starting this month and every month thereafter, we will be taking applications for the Heart Strides Corazon Award. This award is in honor of Cori Canty Woessner (shoes and quote below), from Englewood, CO, for her advocacy, compassion and caring spirit. She also gave name to this award, suggesting it be “Corazon” meaning Heart in Spanish. I love it. Cori's shoes

This award is also inspired by the many messages that I have received from Moms. They didn’t want running shoes, mostly because they didn’t want to take away from another Mom, but they wanted to help in some way and to say thank you for doing what we do. This award is for them, the Cori’s in your life that inspire you every day to face challenges with courage and a healthy dose of humor; to be more compassionate; to trust your path, and to give to others.

From now until the end of January we’ll be taking nominations. Then starting again next month and so on. Nominations will be reviewed by a small committee who will then choose one Mom as a recipient of a “I am stronger than I thought” lifestyle tee from Another Mother Runner. All nominations should reflect the Moms that Heart Strides support, Moms that are caring for children that are critically ill or have a special need.
Stronger than I thought tee
Please request a nomination form by emailing us at Deadline for nominations is the last day of each month, they will be reviewed and the winner will be announced on FB.

Thank you!


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