Jeanette: Running for Heart Strides. Running for life.

janets shoesThank you Jeanette for running on behalf of Heart Strides! For those of us that know her, love her. It’s an honor to call her my friend and I am grateful for her support. Please cheer her on and help her reach her running and fundraising goals! Here she is looking incredible after setting a new PR! (and looking super cute in her Skirt Sports Wonder Girl Tank!)


Jeanette Fundly

A message from Jeanette:

Why I’m running for Heart Strides

Ever had a day when it’s hard to put one foot in front of the other? Ever had a week, or years? So many of you know that just to get out of bed in the morning and take care of everyone and everything in your day it takes monumental amounts of physical, emotional and spiritual strength.

I’m running to help raise money for running shoes for those of you who are having those days. Who need some hope, an out-stretched hand, a friendly ‘you can do this’, a reminder that your sisters are with you along the way.

When you get your shoes put them on and feel the promise. The promise of a walk in the rain, a snatched five-minute run around your neighborhood, of a moment and then maybe many moments for YOU.

You are strong, you’ve got this – let me help you along the way.


Jeanette Keown

A little bit about me. I had a heart attack at 38, four surgeries (including 2 failed stents) and 6 years of chronic angina (pain). Recently, a new medication, a wholefoods plant-based diet & exercise have helped me to find my way back to ‘myself’, to a happier place. I want you to find that place too. I’ve never run a marathon but at Colfax, in May, I am going to try………..


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