About: Advocacy in motion.

Why did I want to start this blog and more importantly, what is it that I want it to inspire?

It all boils down to me being inspired by all of the wonderful Moms that I have met over the years and their beautiful children- strong, spirited, funny, creative, brilliant, and with big hearts. I want to take this little corner of the universe and advocate for them, share their stories and honor them during my training miles. Selfishly, they will keep me going on days that the miles seem long.

As a parent, I strive to teach my children that gestures do not have to be grand to be effective, that small things matter the most and that the things they do should come from the heart. So from my heart to yours, thank you for stopping by to meet these fabulous Moms, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters and families. They are sure to inspire you too.

I promised my own son, Logan, who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes six years ago, that I will not stop running (riding, walking) until they find a cure. Along the way I hope to raise awareness, raise research funds and connect with other Mom’s doing their best to stay healthy while finding their own ways to advocate for their children.

Tell me, who will you honor today? Who will motivate and inspire you to go the distance? Lace up and remember, remember that person on your run, walk or ride today. Give that person some of your miles. Give them a moment from your heart- honor that person and pay it forward through advocacy and kindness.

I hope to meet all of you and one day join you for a run, walk or ride, as we raise awareness for others. Happy trails…


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