“Jar O’ Miles”

I have always been a collector of shells, rocks…and more recently pine cones of all things. If they are connected to a special memory I usually try to make a little note on them with a sharpie if I can find a spot. I have jars and jars of shells from the many trips we have made to the beaches of  West Coast Florida. I have recently  noticed that my children have also inherited this sometimes cumbersome tradition, one that my husband will sure to be challenged with at times.

So when I started running on the rocky trails of Boulder it was very natural for me to grab a rock here and there when it caught my eye or when I was feeling triumphant about my progress as a new runner. When I started training for my first 1/2 I felt inspired to keep track of those that I honor and give my miles to. I started picking up rocks  from the trails and on one side I write who the run was was for and when they were diagnosed, on the other side I note the date, where I ran and how many miles.

I hope to run many miles and have a collection of jars, all to remind me of  the amazing people that I have met along the way and to honor their generosity and bravery for sharing their stories with all of us.

Kelsey M., diagnosed @ age 11, epilepsy


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