Cause + Event #DreamsComeTrue

cause + event boston logoThree years ago I couldn’t have possibly imagined that this would be happening. Have you ever been able to see your vision become reality? I have. It’s awesome.

I hope everyone can have the chance. 

 – Amy Little, Founder of Cause + Event

I saw Amy’s post on FB yesterday and her hashtag #DreamsComeTrue made me smile. Her excitement, gratitude and what I’m guessing to be a ‘pinch me’ moment was shining through. How could you not smile when you are witnessing someone’s dream come true? Goosebumps. Major goosebumps. Seriously. Hand me a Kleenex. Pure joy.

Amy is headed to Boston, where her fabulous BRF’s will join her as they kick off Cause + Event’s first race in Boston. We wish we could be there,  but fingers crossed we can join them for another one of their events. cause_logo_color_rgb

Cheers to a wonderful community and beautiful mission, to give people the opportunity to walk/run for causes of THEIR choice, any cause. Like they say on their website – Every race has a cause. No race has EVERY cause…until NOW.

Support them on FB, their website and you can also listen to Amy as a guest speaker on Another Mother Runner podcast series.

Sending our best to Amy, Cyndie, Robin, Julie and the entire Cause + Event crew, including those that will be there to help you celebrate. Big hugs to your family and friends that have supported you along the way. They are the net when we take that leap of faith!

Have a fantastic weekend! Good luck to all of the runners and walkers!


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